About Us

Having Fun

 We adopt bilingual Language- English and Mandarin to teach our kids with two licensed  teachers who have criminal record check and First Aid, food safety certificate.


Main Goal

  to create a safe , healthy and energetic  learning environment  


Our Mission

  to stimulate children’s potential through well-planned activities and programs for appropriate ages and also to help achieve children’s development including social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language five aspects  



Welcome to Golden Apple Family Child Care


Being a parent myself, I know that it is very important for parents to find a person who is responsible, friendly and trustworthy when looking for child care. I’m sure that you will find all these qualities within me and be satisfied. Annually I will update my training and relevant certificates in my field. Actively I join the community association and communicate with other educators to exchange our ideas and experiences which help improve our quality about child care. Please note that I am not only a babysitter, but also an educator and caregiver of a family child care centre. There are many aspects involved in the centre from basic hygiene to actual assistance for parents in guiding their child’s growth and development.

At first, you and your child may need to adjust to a new environment and routine.

Thus, if I can be of any assistance to you as a working parent, please let me know. I hope that you will be able to look upon me as both a friend and a caregiver for your child. The center welcomes any new suggestions or ideas for field trips or special events. Feel free to speak up or even take a peek at us from time to time. Once again, welcome aboard!

Parents Information

Roles and Responsibilities


In my child care, I will:

l Create a healthy environment by offering healthy snacks, sunscreen and positive physical activities for the children;

l Establish clear, consistent and simple limits;

l Offer straightforward explanations for limits;

l State limits in a positive way;

l Focus on the behaviour;

l State expectations;

l Allow time for children to respond to expectations;

l Reinforce appropriate behaviour with both words and gestures;

l Ignore minor incidents;

l Stay close and be alert.

If a problem arises, I will:

l gain a child’s attention in a respectful way;

l use proximity and touch;

l acknowledge feelings before setting limits;

l model problem solving skills;

l offer appropriate choices;

l use natural and logical consequences;

l limit the use of equipment;

l provide opportunities for children to correct or try to correct;

l not use any of physical, emotional or verbal punishment for any child;

l discuss challenges and difficulties with parents when they happen. 

Allergies and Nutrition


Ø  A medical emergency form is to be completed on children who suffer from food allergies or sensitivities. The centre staff are to be apprised of any changes that the child may exhibit.

Ø  In the case of severe allergies the parents are to supply all food and drinks for the child. It is recommended that Benadryl and an Epipen is left on the premises in case of an allergic reaction. In case of medical attention an ambulance will be requested immediately and instructions will be followed as discussed with the parent.  

Ø  Included with the fee your child may be provided a morning and afternoon snack. For safety reasons it is requested that parents of children who have food allergies supply their children’s own food. In the interest of establishing good eating habits we ask that you do not bring food items to the child care centre such as candy, bubblegum, or chocolate bars.   

Morning Snack:   crackers and fruit pieces or cereal bits (non-sugary)  with milk 3.25% or water 

Afternoon Snack: Pizza bagel bites or crackers or cereal bits and fruit pieces

with water or yogurt or cheese 

Rest and Nap time


All children are required to lie down for either a rest or nap time. Each child should be gradually calm down and prepare for their sleeping.

Rest or nap time can be a difficult transition for some children. After lunch each child toilets themselves and prepares their own mat; help is provided when requested. Following toileting we read a couple of stories and then we hug, kiss and tuck in.

Another room is used as the sleeping room for rest or nap time and the children sleep on regulated mats. Younger children who require play pens or those that require more sleep will be placed in another room.

In dealing with children who have difficulties falling asleep, caregivers will lay down beside the child and rub their fingers and backs. If children feel uncomfortable with this then the caregiver will sit in the room until such time they fall asleep. Soothing music will be played in the background. An adult will be present on site at all times while children are sleeping or resting.

Parents are to provide a crib sheet and blanket for their child and are to be laundered on a weekly basis. Pillows are optional and will be sent home for laundering. Following nap or rest time sheets and blankets are removed, folded and stored in the child’s cubby. Mats are sanitized in preparation for the next day.

Operating Time and Services


  • Full time care: 1 year old to 5 years old
  • Regular time: 8:00-5:30
  • Special need is available upon request.  


Programs and Activities

  1: free play-table toys(puzzle, beads), books, music, dancing or drawing
2: Circle time-calendar, stories, music, movement or weather

3: Outing play-field trip, park or community(according to weather)
4: Group activity-music chair or role play
5: exploring-cooking, science, nature, art or craft

Contact Information

Contact Person:   Lisa
 Phone Number:   604-723-5216
 E-MailAddress:  goldenapplechildcare@hotmail.com  

 Contact Address:  4328 Fortune Ave. Richmond .B.C. Canada(close to William &  Railway)